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Dear members


You should have received the Notice of this year's AGM by e mail. It really would be helpful if members could find the time to attend and contribute. As well as the formal business of complying with our constitution and ultimately continuing the Friends, it is an opportunity to meet up and discuss the many issues facing the Meadows and the Group. We very much look forward to seeing you and we shall be serving refreshments during the meeting. Non members who are interested in joining the Friends are welcome to come along.

Many Thanks

Michael Heath


Riverfly Monitoring Initiative for the River Cray


Friends of Foots Cray Meadows - Statement concerning proposals for a parkrun at Foots Cray Meadows

The Friends of Foots Cray Meadows have been approached by Bexley parkrun about the feasibility of holding a weekly event on the Meadows. We have in recent months worked with the London Borough of Bexley and Bexley parkrun to look at how such an event would take place for a few hours each Saturday morning. During this we have raised a number of issues that we and we feel others might have for such an event on the Meadows.

We encouraged through Bexley Parks and Open Spaces and welcome that Bexley parkrun are conducting a wider consultation in the area of the Meadows. We would encourage you to participate and copy your comments to us at ffcm06@gmail.com

The concerns we have raised include: disruption to the natural environment, damage to the meadows especially during unsuitable ground conditions, inconvenience to other users and on street parking. We have discussed these during a walkover and have received assurances as to the running routes to protect nature and other sensitive areas, the standard of the organisation of the events, agreement to cancel during poor conditions and to regularly review the event should the application be approved.

As an informal open space Foots Cray Meadows are an important Natural Environment and a valued asset to our community. The Meadows are in parts a Local Nature Reserve, but they are also a public amenity. As such they should be available and enjoyed by the wider communities and as a public open space also provide this type of outdoor wellbeing opportunity to local people.

Subject to proportional checks and balances through conditions to be set by London Borough of Bexley the Committee of the Friends of Foots Cray Meadows agree in principle to a trial series of parkrun events taking place on the Meadows on the west side between the Ball Park at Riverside and Rectory Lane .

Michael Heath

Chair FFCM

30th November 2017

Clink here to see the Bexley parkrun Flyer 


 The young trees from the centre of this picture to the foreground on the right were planted as whips and cared for by FFCM Volunteers and youth groups. Now around seven years old they stand proud beside the Meadows ancient Sweet Chestnut. November 2017






 It is spring at the 'five arches' and our message is - friendly your dog may be but, nesting birds and dogs are not playmates - please keep your dog out of the water.

M Heath 25 March 2017 



 January 2017

Your Membership for 2017 is due click here for details many thanks for your continued support.

Our thanks to Susan Potter for sending us this You Tube link to her Photograph compilation of the Swans at the Five Arches.


Go on have a look three minutes of first class images will make you want to brave the weather and get out to check on the River Cray wildlife at Foots Cray Meadows.

Great Stuff, many thanks Susan


18th January 2017






Seasonal Greetings


For those members who have read my chairman's chat in our recent Newsletter a walk on the Meadows this Boxing Day will confirm that my predictions for a cold winter remain on hold, these images were taken at 9am this morning and show the Meadows basking in the sunshine with an unseasonably warm temperature. Enjoy the Holidays and we shall see what the first two months of 2017 will bring!

Michael Heath 26th December 2016 



Breaking Wildlife News -  visit the Bexley Wildlife Website link (below) for exciting news on Bexley's Biodiversity at Foots Cray Meadows.  

Willow Emerald Damselfly at FCM  

Full details and pictures of this years Fun Dog Show  go to the dedicated Page see head of website. 

For details of the Ten Anniversary Trees Celebrating Ten Years of the Friends of Foots Cray Meadows go to the trees and woodland page

Keep Away from the Swans and dogs out of the Water

A brood of seven cygnets at Five Arches, they are three days old and a delight for visitors but please respect this family and view from a distance. Already there have been at least two incidents of dogs in the water being attacked by the parents. Your dog may drown!

The adult swans are protecting their young; they will engage with any threat, in the water and on the river bank. 

posted 13 May 2016 M Heath




 If you have not enjoyed the bluebells this year go to the Meadows and Woodland Management page for a couple of images. 3 May 2016.


  Looking for Lunch; where is this? Answer on Members page (April 2016)

Unfortunately we are unable to organise a spring walk this weekend as suggested on this website. But apart from a walk along the river, do take a detour and go out into North Cray Woods and enjoy the Bluebells this Mayday Holiday weekend. posted 29/04/2016 

Lookout for details of our events: on this site, on posters or as sent direct by e mail to members.

Up and Coming:

'Tree Time' at Foots Cray Meadows (London Tree Week 2016)Saturday 4th June 2016 commencing 1030am. see events page 

 Saturday 18th June we shall be at the Sidcup Pageant (Sidcup High Street) The AGM is Tuesday 21st June 7pm at The Information Centre and our Birthday Fun Dog Show is Saturday 25th June 2016, this is also based at the Information Centre. see the dedicated page.


Enjoying the Rectory Lane Daffodil's March 2016

New Finger Post Signs at Foots Cray Meadows. These new directional signs have appeared on the Meadows this autumn, It is not something the Friends had discussed prior to there introduction so tell us what you think. e mail ffcm06@gmail.com -  Michael Heath Oct 2014 




Return of the Winter Lakes on the Meadows

The sun is out and  a few April showers, Bluebells and some glorious spring conditions so it may be surprising that the groundwater flooding has returned to the Meadows. But the water table is high the aquifer full and the natural springs in the Cray valley must be at full force feeding into the Cray as they have done forever and why humankind settled along the valleys.  

Whilst there is an obvious overflow from the lake at five arches. This is almost certainly as a result of the high groundwater levels keeping the river in full flood as we have seen throughout the winter. Foots Cray Meadows are a flood plain and meadows beside rivers do flood. This flooding and any risk to properties will be monitored by the authorities and the Environment Agency Flood warning publish updates. The closure of the footpath is an inconvenience especially as it is a key pedestrian route from North Cray to Schools and the railway at Albany Park but excess water belongs on the Meadows and hopefully away from people's homes. I was with Bexley Council today and we will be looking at immediate options to reduce the overflow with the Environment Agency in the next few days. In the meantime do enjoy the nature from the expanding lakes on the Meadows this spring.

 Michael Heath  FFCM and Thames21 24th April 2014

comment ffcmo6@gmail.com or michael.heath@thames21.org.uk. 


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Image by B Riches 

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Above three Images raised water and ground water levels Five Arches February 2014