our autumn and winter programme of tree planting and woodland management sessions with the Parks and Open Space Team of the London Borough of Bexley is published  later see the events page.

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 The Friends reconvened their tree planting last Saturday 3rd February 2018, when 400 were planted on the mound below the Lime Avenue overlooking the fenced pond section. In a busy 2 hour session those members who braved the light but persistent and cold rain achieved this feat of planting. The trees were supplied to the London Borough of Bexley by tcv The conservation volunteers supported by the Mayor of London trees. A similar high profile event was held last month at Danson Park. At Foots Cray Meadows this as a reconvening of the woodland activity we have practised for many years under the guidance of Sid Wilkinson the Friends Conservation officer. Thanks also to Philip Louis of the London Borough of Bexley. It is to be anticipated that these trees will grow into a copse of young trees to bring a varied age range of trees to the Meadows for the future. Over the last ten years we have planted a number of sections of these small whips and they can be seen standing over 2M tall. Members of the Friends see your latest Newsletter dated December 2017.  


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 A Big thank you to our volunteers FEbruary 2018

Looking very Sad and in need of care and attention, is the wildlife garden next to the Information Centre. What will the garden designer say when he visits next month?

A challenge for the Friends in 2018 


Many of our activities are designed to compliment with Bexley Boroughs new Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)   Click here for link to Bexley's BAP