The Friends of Foots Cray Meadows welcomes members from all the communities who use the Meadows.  Subscriptions are £5  per household, for each Calender Year 

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Notice of Annual General Meeting Tuesday 19th June 2018 7pm Information Centre Click Here for Forms

Dear members 

You should have received the Notice of this year's AGM by e mail. It really would be helpful if members could find the time to attend and contribute. As well as the formal business of complying with our constitution and ultimately continuing the Friends, it is an opportunity to meet up and discuss the many issues facing the Meadows and the Group. We very much look forward to seeing you and we shall be serving refreshments during the meeting. Non members who are interested in joining the Friends are welcome to come along. Below is a preview of the Chairs repor for next weeks AGM. 

Many Thanks

Michael Heath


Chairs Report 2018, Friends of Foots Cray Meadows


Dear Members

I have pleasure in previewing my report to the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Foots Cray Meadows. We have had many successes during our twelve years but last year's disappointing AGM attendance does require reflection, therefore it is crucial for the future of this group that you come along on Tuesday 19th June 2018, offer your support, ideas and comments. That said the current committee have pressed ahead with another year of operation cumulating later this week with our fifth biennial Fun Dog Show (Saturday 23rd June 2018).

From the outset we wanted to: be an activity based group, work in partnership with the London Borough of Bexley and be independent on the conservation and protection of the Meadows. We have remained a vibrant and successful group with a steady 50 household membership.

The last Two Years

Each May we have held a 'Paws for Tea' event - a tea party for dogs and their owners held here and raised £85 and £100 respectively for the Blue Cross Pet Charity. We have the capacity to deliver children's river dipping events, with the group last year delighting and educating a local Beaver Scout Colony. We make this equipment available to other groups including London Borough of Bexley. In September we organise an ever popular Bat Walk with a particularly successful sighting of Bats at the Five Arches last year. This February with the new tree officer Philip Louis we returned to an old activity and committee members and supporters spent a Saturday morning planting over 100 whips (young meter high trees) on one of the pond spoil banks. We need to arrange an activity to mulch these very soon. Through our Newsletter Editor 'Nick' we have published a news letter twice a year. Committee Member Steve Brown has produced and published for a Meadows History and Information Leaflet. Copies are available from the information centre. The centre is opened on the first Saturday of each month (Except Dec- Feb) from 10am - 1pm by members of the committee. My thanks to all on the committee and those regulars who turn out at our events. They give their time to make up the mainstay of our events, attend committee meetings and keep the Friends going. Special thanks to Margaret who is our Treasurer Membership secretary and leads on the Fund Dog Show.

We are also represented on the River Cray Catchment Improvement Group and the local Police Ward Panel. With the Police and Council we are able to promote our concerns for any anti social behaviour on the Meadows. We collaborate with the Grounds Maintenance Team on works and developments I mentioned last year the returning interest of the Local Authority in the Borough's Friends of Groups through their formal 'Open Spaces Scrutiny Sub Group' and we report our activities and volunteer hours to LBB in support of this. We have worked with Bexley Parkrun with their proposals to introduce a 'Parkrun' on the Meadows. As you can read there is much to discuss at our AGM.

In light of the recent legislation updating the Personal Data Regulations, also as practiced by other organisations and following all those annoying e mails last month here is:

The Friends of Foots Cray Meadows Personal Information Privacy Policy Statement.

As a very small volunteer organisation with membership subscriptions we need to know who our members are and to value their membership. We keep records of the information you give in your application/membership form. These are Name, Address, e mail and Telephone number. This is stored privately on a personal computer by our Newsletter Editor. As you are subscription members we will keep in touch with you, by way of newsletters, group notifications and membership renewal requests. We do not share this information and will not disclose without permission. You are able to contact us to unsubscribe at any time.

Finally and to repeat your attendance is requested at the AGM 7pm Tuesday 19th June 2018 wine and refreshments are provided. Then come along to the Fun Dog Show Saturday 23rd June 2018 from 11am.

Michael Heath Chair FFCM

June 2018






Annual General Meeting

We offer a big thank you to all our members attending our recent 2016 AGM. Special thanks to Alan who turned up on his 'Significant Birthday' and was duly chosen to cut the Friends Ten Years Birthday Cake.


















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The Friends of Foots Cray Meadows are a voluntary group funded through its members subscriptions and other fund raising activities

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The Friends of Foots Cray Meadows is a voluntary group funded by its membership & fund raising activities

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Above all Membership is about supporting and being a part of the group for the benefit of Foots Cray Meadows as a beautiful open space a superb facility for all who visit.
 The image above is of the sweet chestnut tree arguably one of the oldest trees in the region. A symbol of how a strong membership will reflect the importance of our group.