Autumn Colours Ahead

Thank you and well done to Jacky Turner for correctly locating our King Crimson ‘North Cray Road between St James’s church and Leafield Lane!. we will see if we can identify when this was planted. mh 18/10 2022

North Cray Road and our king Crimson
Purple Maple

Whatever your feelings for the coming winter a visit to Foots Cray Meadows will do wonders for your Wellbeing. We can look forward to a feast of colour from our trees and as always leading the way is this tree now displaying a riot of reds in the sunshine. It is a King Crimson or Purple Maple. But can you tell us where on The Meadows it can be found? Use the contact page or e mail to answer.

Michael Chair FFCM 9th October 2022

FYI is the leaf

One thought on “Autumn Colours Ahead

  1. This is by the North Cray Road between St James’s church and Leafy Lane!
    Can I ask, is this a species indigenous to the area?


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