Talk of a Sewage Leak mind the water – Here is an update from the Environment Agency

My thanks to Kat at the EA for updating the Friends on this week’s talk of water quality on the Rivers Shuttle & Cray MH FFCM On Monday (21/06/21) we were made aware of a fish kill involving several hundred dead fish on the River Shuttle at Bexley Woods. Our Water Quality and Fisheries OfficersContinue reading “Talk of a Sewage Leak mind the water – Here is an update from the Environment Agency”

Tuesday 22 June AGM Postponed

Dear Member(s), The AGM on Tuesday 22nd June has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for Tuesday 13th July 2021.  The reason for the cancellation is mainly due to the weather which although anticipated to be dry tomorrow evening isn’t expected to be very warm and as the AGM is being held outdoors is likelyContinue reading “Tuesday 22 June AGM Postponed”

River Cray – Stop Look Listen

When you are next along the River Cray between Five Arches and Water Lane you might notice last winter’s Chalk Stream Restoration Work a Thames21 project. Why not Stop Look and listen, you will see what still looks a bit raw, grey and strange, that some trees have been hinged or cut then secured inContinue reading “River Cray – Stop Look Listen”

River Works on Meadows

Following a recent site inspection to Foots Cray Meadows, in the lead-up to Thames 21’s project to undertake works to the river, Bexley have identified an area of woodland that needs to temporarily close. This area has suffered from significant erosion and is virtually impassable due to fallen trees and they have already instructed theirContinue reading “River Works on Meadows”